Transferring Property with a Deed

            At DAL Law Firm, we can prepare a deed for any real estate transaction. Whether you’re looking to quitclaim someone’s name on or off title, are selling a home, or any other transaction.

            The most common types of deeds are:

  • Quit Claim Deed: This deed is commonly used to add or remove someone, usually a family member, to or from title to real property.
  • Warranty Deed: this deed provides the greatest amount of protection to a buyer and is the most common form of deed used when property is sold.
  • Special Warranty Deed: this deed is similar to a Warranty Deed, but the scope of the warranty is limited to any defects that arose during the grantor’s ownership.
  • Trustee’s Deed: this deed is used after a foreclosure by the trustee to convey title to the buyer.

           Visit our Title Resolution page for more information about deeds and the services we can provide.

           We can assist you with the preparation of any type of deed that you may need, and can advise you of the legal implications of your decision of what type of deed to use. If you are looking for assistance with a deed, call us today at (206) 408-8158.