What Is A Guardianship?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Estate Planning and Probate |

Many times there can be confusion about what a guardianship is and how it works.

A guardian is a person or agency appointed by the guardianship Court, who is designated to act for someone who is incapacitated. Limited Guardianships can be established for people who retain the ability to make some decisions for themselves, but need assistance in one or more other areas.

A person could be appointed a guardian if they are determined to be incapacitated as to their person or estate, and if no alternatives to guardianship exist. A determination of incapacity is a legal determination, which is made by the court and/or your attending physicians. A person is incapacitated as to his person when he or she has a significant risk of personal harm based upon a demonstrated inability over time to adequately provide for his or her own nutrition, health, housing, and/or physical safety.

A person can be deemed to be incapacitated as to his or her estate when he or she is at significant risk of financial harm based upon an inability to adequately manage their property or financial affairs.

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