Probate Overview

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Probate takes place after a person’s death and in most cases you will need to validate and authenticate the final will, ensuring all debts are paid and the remaining assets get distributed accordingly. Probate proceedings can be overwhelming because an estate plan is included, you have been asked to be an executor or beneficiary to an estate and much more. There are many things to know about handling probate and we are here to help.

The main participants during probate includes the executor or personal representative, the beneficiaries, the creditors and a judge. Other parties involved might also include an attorney for the executor and a guardian for minor children who will inherit assets. When a person passes away, the surviving person will gather their documents and apply to begin a probate proceeding with the court. Creditors will be alerted, assets will be gathered, and the remaining estate will be distributed.

Probate proceedings can last anywhere between several months to several years depending on the complexity of the estate. The simplest probate proceedings can take somewhere between six to nine months. But most probate proceedings take about one year to complete.

This is just a short overview on probate proceedings and a general overview of what can occur. Having an experienced attorney can help you understand the process. Here at DAL Law Firm, attorney Darcel Lobo can help guide you in the probate proceeding. Give us a call at 206-408-8158 or email us at [email protected] to schedule a consultation today. We look forward to assisting you.