If You Have A Revocable Living Trust And Own Real Estate- This Is A Must Read!

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When you sign your Revocable Living Trust with our office, we ensure it is funded with your assets. But what happens afterwards? What if you acquire real estate we sign your estate plan, how do you ensure it is protected by your trust? And what happens if you don’t transfer it into your Revocable Living Trust?

Here at DAL Law Firm, when we prepare your Revocable Living Trust, we don’t just prepare your estate planning documents. We prepare an estate planning binder for you with a lot of helpful information for you and your loved ones. It includes not only your estate planning documents, but also instructions of what to do when someone passes, who to contact, important contact information, along with forms for you to fill out regarding your finances and online accounts. We put together a comprehensive binder for you, and it is one of the best gifts you can leave for your loved ones.

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