How to Discuss Your Estate Plan with Your Loved Ones

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For many clients, they have a difficult time discussing their estate plan with their loved ones. But it is very important that your loved ones are aware that you have an estate plan, as well as where your estate planning documents are located. Attorney Darcel Lobo can work with you to create an estate plan which tailored to your specific needs. Following the steps listed below will help to alleviate any stress for your loved ones after your passing.

1. Meet with an attorney to create your estate plan.

Having an experienced estate planning attorney is essential when creating your estate plan. You want to ensure that the attorney is familiar with the different types of estate planning options available and understands what would be best for you and your family.

2. Ensure your estate plan reflects your wishes and that you’ve considered any complicated family dynamics.

In our consultations, it is important for the attorney to understand any unique or difficult family dynamics, as it may affect your estate plan. There are numerous situations where a client may wish to leave an inheritance to a loved one, but may want to take additional measures to ensure that the inheritance is protected. It is very important that you discuss this with your attorney at the initial consultation.

3. Keep your estate plan in a safe location that your loved ones can locate.

This can be a big one. Too many times, a client will complete their estate plan, but then keep it somewhere and their loved ones are unsure of where they are, or don’t have access to the documents, such as a safe deposit box at a bank. Your attorney can help you plan for the safe keeping of your documents.

4. Ensure your loved ones are aware of your estate plan.

In addition to letting your loved ones know about the location of your estate plan, you also want to ensure that any one you appoint in your estate plan is aware and willing to act in such capacity. For example, who you appoint as your power of attorney, guardian of your minor children, and as executor of your will, all need to know that they have been appointed and you want to be assured that they are willing and able to take on such roles.

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